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Rossi Maffini Milman Grando Advogados is the result of the merging of three firms who began their activities in the last century. Dante Rossi started his professional trajectory in the second half of the 1960s, dedicated to labor law. Over time, his children, Mônica and Benôni, also entered the firm. Rafael Maffini introduced the field of public law in the late 1990s. Finally, in the early 1980s, with a background in family law dating back to the 1950s, Fabio Milman began his work in the field of private law.

With the aim of providing their clients with essential complementary areas, they sought out colleagues with similar profiles so that, united under a single flag, they could pool the experience, seriousness, respect, technical knowledge and dedication that qualified each one individually in the market and among legal institutions.

To this end, in the middle of 2006, they gathered and after a careful outsourced process of appraising and confirming their profiles, instrumental organization, and pairing of procedures, on February 28, 2008, Rossi Advogados changed its name to Rossi, Maffini & Milman Advogados. In 2012, Felipe Grando, who had a decade of experience in tax law under his belt, came to expand the firm’s service portfolio. Thus, in September 2016, it began operating under its current name: Rossi, Maffini, Milman & Grando Advogados.

With the goal of disseminating culture and encouraging the improvement of its members and its community of clients, external collaborators and students, the Dante Corporate School emerged in the first semester of 2014. It is the educational branch that has been offering an ongoing calendar of courses, lectures and meetings.

Today, we have over 40 attorneys and more than 20 administrative collaborators in the field of law dedicated to translating the efforts of professionals with a vocation for helping achieve fairness and legal security.